Bethesda provides huge investment into single-player gaming

They've donated $100,000 USD to the ESA Foundation.

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We mostly know Bethesda simply for their RPGs like Fallout 4 or The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, but now they've caught the headlines for a different reason, as they've made the largest donation in the Entertainment Software Association's Foundation's history, which was a sum of $100,000 USD.

At The Game Awards, Bethesda teased the Save Player 1 campaign, their aim being to save the single-player experience. As part of this announcement, Bethesda released a blog post on how they plan to fund the future, explaining that the donation will go towards funding 33 scholarships, these being focused on women and minority students pursuing computer science and videogame arts-related degrees. The aim of all of this is to "support the next generation of game developers."

"Saving the single-player isn't just about making great games," Bethesda writes. "We're also giving everyone a chance to enjoy our games at a very special price. Through this weekend, our recent catalog of single-player games is on sale for up to 50% digitally, as well as at select retailers. Now's your chance to stock up and save - and embark on an epic single-player journey this holiday season."

Do you think that this is a worthy investment?

Bethesda provides huge investment into single-player gaming

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