Big changes hit Overwatch's Competitive mode

Including CP, duration of seasons, and Control.

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At the moment a lot of people are tied up with Gamescom announcements, but there's also some news for Overwatch fans, especially those of Competitive Play, as a new developer update has revealed some changes coming to Season 6 (as reported by VG247).

One of the biggest changes is that competitive seasons will now last for two months instead of three from now on, with CP adjusted in accordance to that, with more earned per win and decay rate slowed down. This change is because Blizzard felt two months was a nice middle ground between the previous system and the beta's one-month system.

Another change is that control maps will now be best of three instead of five moving forward, which is supposed to reduce 99% holds as well as the frequency of matches going into overtime, hopefully making the mode quicker to play too.

Placement matches should also represent player skill a bit better as well now, so instead of ratings lower than players deserved to create progression when they climbed, this will now be more accurate to where they actually are at in terms of skill.

Are these Competitive changes to your liking?


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