Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

BIG reportedly replacing Smooya with Nex in their CS:GO team

Smooya allegedly benched himself and is looking for teams in Europe and the US, leaving the team before the Major gets underway.

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According to a report from VPEsports, CS:GO team BIG have replaced Owen 'Smooya' Butterfield with 26-year-old Johannes 'Nex' Maget.

This comes less than a year after he was acquired by BIG, taking the place of Kevin 'Keev' Bartholomäus. Pending his availability, Smooya is a free agent who has reached out to several teams in the US and Europe after allegedly benching himself, but with no team standing out as especially interested as of yet.

As for his transition from the team it appears to have gone smoothly, as Nex is already listed as BIG's CS:GO coach IEM Katowice Major. He was replaced back in December upon announcing he was undergoing surgery, but BIG has always made it clear they were going to retain him and bring him back to the active roster.

This switch comes after some mixed results in 2018. While at ESL One Cologne they finished in second place, they followed that performance without reaching the finals in several premier events. In a recent Eleague event, for example, they came third.

Do you think this roster change will give BIG a boost in performance? After all, they have already been confirmed for this year's ESL One Cologne event.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: ESL

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