Biomutant devs confirm it's in "final stages of development"

Things have been quiet around the mutated action-RPG and so Experiment 101 has dropped a reassuring update for fans.

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We last caught sight of Biomutant at Gamescom when we got to see an extended behind-closed-doors gameplay clip, a montage of different action sequences that revealed a huge range of crazy mutated characters and some ferocious martial arts-inspired combat. It all looked very promising.

However, that little look at the game in a press room in Cologne was the last we saw of the title, and given the radio silence coming from the studio since then, it seems as though there were plenty of people who were getting a bit nervous that no news is bad news.

It seems as though we shouldn't be too concerned, however, as the studio recently released a statement on Twitter that confirmed that the game is in the "final stages of its development", adding that the studio won't be making a release date announcement until the team is sure that they can meet that self-imposed deadline. Here's the statement in full:

We know many of you are wondering if the game is still in development. Let us assure you that we've never been working harder and more focused on it than now!

We are doing everything we can to make this the best game all of us have ever worked on and that it will be as entertaining and great as we can possibly make it.

We can only hope for your continued support and patience as we complete the final stages of its development.

As some of you might understand or know, the work involved in finishing a game is long, challenging and unpredictable. The sheer magnitude, size, and length of Biomutant adds to said effort.

We will reveal the release date as soon as everyone at our studio feels confident about hitting that date and that the game is ready for it.

Again, thank you for your understanding and for your continued support and enthusiasm for our game.

From us at Experiment 101.


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