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Bioshock: The Collection as good as official

Would you kindly just announce it, 2K?

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Yes, we've written about it many times before, but this will hopefully be the last before the official announcement. Ratings boards have leaked it, while 2K UK's Twitter account has tricked us on multiple occasions. Though this time we doubt there's any trickery.

We were surprised when 2K made a Twitter account dedicated to Bioshock last October. Why would they create one with no game in sight, and why didn't they post anything on it? Turns out they were just waiting for the perfect moment. Now they've posted this message:


This can't be 2K trolling us again, can it? We doubt it. Especially as NeoGAF user DeathSparks found this while browsing 2K's official website:

The link DeathSparks posted now redirects us to the homepage.

We're getting tired of reporting on your teasing 2K, so we'll just say this: "Would you kindly just announce Bioshock: The Collection"?


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