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Street Fighter V

Birdie's "let himself go" in Street Fighter V

Capcom talk character look and move set for the returning Alpha brawler.

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As Capcom slowly roll out its roster for Street Fighter V, it's offering some surprises (no Ken in the debut reveal, Charlie instead of Guile), but perhapss biggest thus far is the return of Street Fighter Alpha's Birdie, who's changed somewhat from his original incarnation in the first first Street Fighter title.

"He's a surprise," admits brand manager Michael Lunn, noting that character probably does have his fans out there. "He's changed a little bit. He used to be a big, really strong burly dude. He's still sorta burly but he kinda let himself go a little bit. One of his Likes on the Character Select screen is he like a lot of food, likes a lot of beer. He's got the belly to show for it now. One of his V-Skills is throwing bottles, eating different foods and powering himself up."

Beyond the cosmetic, his fighting style's still that of a close-range brawler, though he's went through some tweaks since Alpha.

"He's a bruiser. He does a lot of damage but he's slow and can get zoned out pretty well. But he does have his chain, which gives him a long-range advantage as well, a lot of charging moves... he's a little bit different from his Alpha iteration, but he's still really fun to play."

Between talking about the new stages and V-system gauge, he also touched on another element that's semi-returning from the Alpha series. "I don't think they're technically called Alpha counters, but when you're blocking you can use an Alpha-type move so again, taking little things from older franchises and putting them into the new one that really made sense."


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