Bischu joins Gladiators Legion team temporarily

The LA Gladiators Overwatch player is helping the second team out while they look for a permanent flex tank.

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Overwatch League team LA Gladiators have revealed that as of today their player Aaron 'Bischu' Kim is temporarily joining the Gladiators Legion team in a two-way contract to support the squad, while Legion looks for a permanent player for the flex tank position.

"We couldn't be more grateful to Bischu for stepping in. We're confident we can find a great flex tank soon but having a player we can trust step in for the time being gives us the freedom to not sign just any player, but the right player," says Charlie Lipsie, Director of Esports.

"We're lucky to have a player like Bischu who can help work to be a leader and mentor for our Legion players while still remaining a stalwart component of our main roster," added Rob Moore, company founder.

Is this a good addition for the Legion?

Photo: Overwatch League

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