Blackstorm is "more or less" Battle Royale meets Sea of Thieves in space

We talk with Alejandro Duchini to learn more about Lost Criteria Studios' unique combination of elements.

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Battle Royale meets Sea of Thieves in space? "Exactly, [it] more or less is that", told us Alejandro Duchini when we recently asked Lost Criteria Studios' designer and producer to define the blend of genres and ideas they're currently developing with Blackstorm.

The premise, as explained during the interview below, is "to cooperate in a ship with three people, trying to use all the elements of the ship", but at the same time keeping in mind "the competitive way, with all the ships fighting each other and only the last one surviving".

At the moment Blackstorm puts four ships of three players together to battle it out inside a shrinking space in space, and as usual with battle royale games "first thing is to equip your ship. You're going to find loot around the map" and you can grab and collect it by using your harpoon. Then, there's also a hook to move around, and you can mount cannons on the three sides, shields, defences...

Once properly equipped, you can deliver ranged attacks and then crash enemy ships and board them for PvP melee and sword fights. The plan is to destroy or sabotage, and you can even try to plant a bomb at the core of an enemy's ship.

Lost Criteria Studios' team is currently made up of 18 people. Blackstorm was born as a project for U-Tad university masters, and the guys have put this together in just 8 months. It's just a vertical slice, as they want to work on matchmaking and to find support for further development.

What do you think of this unique blend?


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