Blackwood Crossing

Blackwood Crossing explores a meaningful sibling bond

Managing director Alice Guy talks to us about Scarlett and Finn and their adventure.

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Blackwood Crossing, the latest project from PaperSeven, follows two siblings Scarlett and Finn and we talked with Managing Director Alice Guy about the game and how exactly the players will explore the relationship between the siblings in the game.

The theme of siblings, she said, is "a good theme for books and film. In the same way it's good for games in that it makes for a good story. We actually wanted to specifically target or focus on orphan siblings partly because they have such a unique bond having gone through the loss they've gone through, and it's what so many good stories and childhood stories we know and love and grew up with focus on. The reason siblings make for a good story is that you are able to empathise and sympathise with the characters well because you so often understand the bond, at least a semblance of the bond they're exploring."

"From a studio and a game-making point of view we want to create a game that has meaning, that has emotion at heart, isn't terribly cliché, isn't trying to get the heart racing. It's about taking stock of this relationship, what's going on, understanding it, getting to the root of it and believing in it, ultimately. That's our intention and then the fantasy is just another layer on that."

We asked for a bit more detail about the two characters themselves. "Scarlett is 14 years old, so just transitioning into adolescence. She is quite a strong character, she's very artistic, she knows her own mind. She's not as a person trying to fit in with the crowd too much. She's got a character and a flare about her that I think people will like, she's not your typical glossy teenager."

"Finn is quite a typical 10 year old boy, very playful, has elements of selfishness that a younger brother has, has moments where as a player and as Scarlett you'll find him a bit annoying and you'll have that back and forth [...] but he has that deeper side to him, deeper sadness that the death of his parents has given him which influences his character in other ways."

Blackwood Crossing will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2017.

Blackwood CrossingBlackwood CrossingBlackwood Crossing

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