Street Fighter V

Blind player wins game at Street Fighter V tournament

He used the sounds of the game to guide him.

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Every once in a while we hear stories of blind players that against all odds manage to still enjoy their favorite hobby, but having one so good that they manage to go to a competition and actually win a match? That's a first we think. Sven, from Holland, was in a Street Fighter V tournament in Spain, called Sonic Boom, and playing with Ken he managed to defeat his opponent in a best-of-three format.

Not having vision is of course a big impairment when playing video games, Street Fighter V included, but using the game's sounds and Ken's aggressive style, he managed to take the win, although he didn't managed to go much further into the tournament. In an interview after the match, Sven mentioned he's been playing fighting games since Street Fighter II (being blind since he was 5), and had great compliments to throw at Street Fighter V sound design.

You can watch Sven's win here (thanks Kotaku). Do you think games can work on their sound design to include visually impaired players who want to play competitively?

Street Fighter V

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