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The Last of Us: Part II

Blink-182 star plays Dammit on Ellies guitar in The Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog's phenomenal The Last of Us: Part II and its virtual guitar lessons are grabbing the attention of actual musicians.

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As you might know, Naughty Dog added an acoustic guitar mini-game in The Last of Us: Part II, which quickly became a huge hit with the community. We've already seen gamers play all kinds of songs from all kinds of genres.

Of course, there are also several musicians who like a good (great, even) video game, who wanted to try their luck with Ellie's guitar - and one of them is Mark Hoppus from the always catchy Blink-182. He has his own Twitch account, and there he decided to play the classic Blink-182 song Dammit (their first major hit ever, also famous for being notoriously hard to play on drums in Rock Band).

You can check the result over here. It's actually really charming, and you can tell it's been a while since Blink-182 toured the world because of the corona-pandemic as Hoppus doesn't seem to be entirely sure how the lyrics go anymore.

The Last of Us: Part II

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