BlizzCon's esports schedule has been released

There'll be competitions in Overwatch, Hearthstone, and more.

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BlizzCon is the home to many an esports tournament each year, especially since a number of their titles like Overwatch and StarCraft already have thriving esports scene all the year round, and now we know the schedule for this year's event.

The opening ceremony kicks off on November 3 at 18:00 GMT, with the closing ceremony at 01:30 GMT on November 5 (18:30 November 4 in PDT). November 4 will be when all the grand finals are happening though, including the Overwatch World Cup at 19:00 GMT; WCS Global Finals at 23:00 GMT; WoW Arena World Championship at 22:00 GMT; and HCS Bracket Stage Grand Final at 23:30 GMT.

Also at BlizzCon are a number of other non-esports events, so there's plenty to look out for come November. Which competition are you most excited for though?

Photo: Blizzard

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