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Rocket League

BMW and Pysonix has partnered over an in-game vehicle and an esports tournament

The BMW M240i is coming to the Item Shop, and the Freestyle tournament will take place this week.

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Pysonix, the developer of Rocket League has announced a new partnership with BMW, to both bring the M240i to the game as an in-game vehicle, and to host a couple of esports events, set to take place this week.

First of all, the BMW Freestyle Tournament will start tomorrow and run until November 5, and will bring the best "freestylers" together to compete in a two-day tournament where $25,000 is on the line. Taking place as the Freestyle Tournament concludes will be the BMW Rocket League Open, which starts on November 5, and runs until the 7th, and is known as the second regional tournament in the RLCS 2021-22 EU circuit.

As for the car, this will be available in the Item Shop from November 4-10, and will be part of a bundle that offers the M240i, its wheels, a Thundernight Metallic Decal, the United In Rivalry animated decal, the Bavarian Hat topper, and the BMW player banner, all for the price of 1100 Credits.

Take a look at the M240i below.

Rocket League

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