Metro Exodus

Brand-new Metro Exodus story trailer drops

New in-game footage from the hostile world as narrated by Anna as we're just over a month out of the launch of the game.

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Recently the release was moved forward one week and so Metro Exodus is ready to release on February 15, and today developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver shared a bit more on the storytelling aspect of the game, with the brand-new narrative trailer below.

The voice you hear is that of Anna's, the sniper specialist of the Spartan Order and wife to original protagonist Artyom. The in-game footage itself seems to focus on variety and warmer temperatures compared of the previously shown cold Russian wastelands.

The narrative is, of course, key to the experience, and as there's been much fewer story-driven AAA first-person shooters as of late, 4A Games' offering is willing to scratch that itch for many players. If you want to learn more about the game, read our latest preview for more intel and impressions.

Xbox One X Metro Saga Bundle Announced

In other related news, Microsoft has just announced that, together with Deep Silver, they will release a new Xbox One X Metro Saga pack which includes the full trilogy of downloadable games (Metro 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux, and Metro Exodus), along with a 1TB Xbox One X and one month worth of Xbox Game Pass and Live Gold. All of this lands on February 15 for a RRP of 499.99 euros (or equivalent). Metro Exodus also comes to PC and PS4 on the same day.

Metro Exodus

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