Ridge Racer Unbounded

Bugbear on Ridge Racer

City creator and destruction.

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Gillen McAllister met up with Bugbear's Jonas Laakso to discuss the intriguing new city creator feature and the differences between a Bugbear developed Ridge Racer and one developed by Namco Bandai's internal team. It's Riiiiiiidge Racer!


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Ridge Racer UnboundedScore

Ridge Racer Unbounded

REVIEW. Written by Rasmus Lund-Hansen

"High speed, generous drift, smooth visuals and possible a little gimmick or two to spice things up - Unbounded ticks them all."

Ridge Racer Unbounded

Ridge Racer Unbounded

PREVIEW. Written by Gillen McAllister

"There's liberal exuberance in its two-ton metallic flings; exciting in its voraciousness, but suitably bizarre in the extremities in which drifts play out."

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