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Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Bundle Stars launches Indie Legends Bundle

Some great games star in latest collection.

Bundle Stars have delivered probably their finest bundle to date. Monaco: What's Yours is Mine headlines a fantastic collection of indie titles that also includes SpeedRunners, Steamworld Dig, Guacamelee, and Divekick. There's eight games in all, and they're available for the knockdown price of £3.19. Head this way to see the full lineup.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

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Monaco: Complete EditionScore

Monaco: Complete Edition

REVIEW. Written by Mike Holmes

"A rich and distinctive visual identity is complemented by a stellar soundtrack that enhances the playful tone and moment-to-moment experience."

Monaco: What's Yours is MineScore

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

REVIEW. Written by Mike Holmes

"It's original, beautifully designed, good looking, well written, challenging, highly playable and deeply immersive. Everything a great game should be."

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