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Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty Endowment ready to help UK veterans

We talked to the executive director of the charity.

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Since 2009, the Call of Duty Endowment Charity has put more than 40,000 veterans without jobs into well-paying work. Executive Director of the charity, Dan Goldenberg, makes the goals of the charity crystal clear.
"We want to improve the economic well-being of veterans."
He added, "We set a goal back in 2014 to place 25,000 veterans by 2018, we hit it in 2016. We reset the goal to 50,000 by 2019, and we're on track to hit that. Fingers crossed, maybe a little bit early."

When asked about veterans in the UK, Goldenberg explained that "there aren't government veteran employment stats that are really put out", as opposed to in the U.S. where the statistics are made public.

This doesn't mean that the Call of Duty Endowment Charity isn't ready to help UK based veterans, as Goldenberg had this to say on the matter.

"We're going to have another announcement about our UK support, coming out in the next few weeks. We'll be announcing which non-profits were going to be working with, and were going to be announcing members of our UK advisory board."

This is exciting news for veterans in the UK, as the charity currently funds 10 charities in the U.S., and is sure to have more amazing work planned for the UK too.

Call of Duty: WWII

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