Call of Duty league slots reportedly offered to OWL investors

Richard Lewis made the claim on Twitch.

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Journalist Richard Lewis has recently claimed while on Twitch (as reported by Dexerto) that Activision Blizzard offered potential investors in the Overwatch League a franchise spot in the Call of Duty World League as an extra incentive, with said investors also allegedly wanting to retain a city link when a Call of Duty franchise league kicked off.

"[Activision] were offering - back when they were struggling to get VC groups to invest in the Overwatch Leagues - they were offering franchises in a Call of Duty league that didn't even exist yet as extra leverage," he explained.

"What they want to do for the Call of Duty league, they've said they're looking at the 'entertainment consortiums. It's interesting actually, there's a lot of sports stars that are trying to get in, I heard Floyd Mayweather's got a consortium going around," he added.

"But yeah, they want to get entertainers in, and have these groups of entertainers that band together and create these weird little funds and little groups. And they think it will be a great fit for Call of Duty, because there's a lot of overlap with hip-hop culture."

None of this is official at this point so take it as a rumour for now though, but it is interesting to hear about potential plans for the future of Call of Duty. Are you interested in either Overwatch or Call of Duty esports?


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