Capy firm on releasing Below in 2018, no date until ready

We sat down for a playthrough and a chat with Capy's Dan John Cox.

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The minimalistic rogue-like adventure Below from the talented indie studio Capybara Games (Capy for short) is one we've been waiting on for quite some time. In fact, we're closing in on 5 years since its first reveal at the Microsoft E3 presser in 2013. Clearly, a very ambitious game, the long wait aside Below has shown promise each time we've come across it at trade shows, and this year's build at PAX East was no exception as the game was present both in the Microsoft booth and Capy's own booth. We got a good look at the early goings in the game with artist and producer Dan John Cox and took the opportunity to ask some question as the action unfolded.

Speaking of how the grass moves and the details that have gone into Below, Cox had this to say:

"Our programmers have done an amazing job making sure that this grass feels lush, runs well. We're on 4K on Xbox One X and 60 frames a second all because those guys are doing such great work making sure that everything works really well and it shows in such an impressive even though it's so minimal."

A game that prides itself in keeping secrets Below is still very much a mystery for players to figure out, and Capy has been very conscious of just what they've revealed over the years.

"There's still so much more that we haven't shown or talked about with this game that I think we're all looking forward to seeing how people react."


Of course, given the lengthy development process Below has undergone (first announced at Microsoft's E3 press conference in 2013) we had to ask about the release date and how the game is coming together.

"We really want to finish the game. We want to be able to have this be in people's hands so that they can see and enjoy the work that we've done to create this. But at no point does it really frustrate us that people are wanting the game. In fact, it really makes us happy to know that even after all this time that we've been trying to craft it, and really just try to make the best game that we can, that people are still excited. That people remain interested and that they haven't given up on us, that they know when we deliver this it will be if not what they want, it will be great. With this much anticipation, with this much time, there's no doubt that people are going to have a certain anticipation for a thing that they think that they want. Which is fine, which is great. Now what we need to deliver is if not exactly what they were looking for, something special, something that maybe will surprise them anyways."

There's no firm release date nailed down, but Cox feels he can sense the finish line now.

"Absolutely. This year we are launching. 2018 is when we're doing it. We have been holding off on giving any dates or anything secific, so that when we do it this time people will believe us. But again we're sticking to this year, cause we want to make sure that when we give our final date we're good and ready to be a hundred percent sure we're going to land on that."


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