Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse

Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse

This is a complete shame.

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Not because this remake of the 90s platformer isn't any good - it really is - but that the studio that worked on it, Sega Studios Australia, are shutting their doors. We'd high hopes that the team might be comissioned to rebuild other Disney platformers of the era.

But, to the here and now. This version of Castle of Illusion takes the same premise as the first - seven gems need collecting from various worlds contained within a witch's castle (Disney's own TARDIS) to save a kidnapped Minnie Mouse. Control is the same - Mickey can jump on enemy heads, or toss collected apples at them.

The developers have bled 3D sections in with the 2D platforming. The castle itself is a explorable 3D world, with level doors needing a set number of gems to unlock first. While in worlds the camera switches between both, either for visual theatrics, such as when turning corners, or to pan up and out for certain platforming sections or during boss fights.

Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse

It works really well in spicing up the gameplay, and given the pure quality of the visuals (backgrounds can be massively detailed but rarely distracting from the foreground) it's one of the few games we wish had 3D support.

Problems? There are a few. Some of the more labyrinth levels (such as the candy coated stage) had us stuck at dead ends, as we couldn't see the exit for the mega detailed backdrops. The materialising of enemies can be sudden, slamming you into them without the chance to dodge. And it is a short game. We finished it within the space of a couple of hours, though there is a Time Attack available for all stages once they're completed.

Yet even if its brief, it's tough, looks amazing and there's a lot hidden in each stage. The lavishness applied everywhere makes us wish for more Disney titles by the studio. Pity.

07 Gamereactor UK
7 / 10
+Gorgeous stages + tough as old boots + Time Attack adds length
- very short - some direction issues - Mickey control not quite precise.
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