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Catch up on The End and check out Fortnite Chapter 3 in these latest trailers

The second era of Epic's battle royale came to a close over the weekend and then subsequently started the day after.

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This weekend was a pretty big one in terms of the life of Fortnite, as Epic's battle royale underwent the massive change of transitioning from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3. The move was marked by a huge live event, which culminated with the game going down for quite a few hours as Epic Games prepared for the release of the third chapter.

Now that very third era of the massively popular game is live, bringing a new island, a new battle pass filled with content (including Spider-Man), new mechanics to check out, as well as an upgrade that sees the title running on Unreal Engine 5 rather than UE4.

With a lot of new content and improvements now live in Fortnite, be sure to check out The End event below, as well as a couple of Chapter 3 Season 1 trailers to see just what the new season is bringing to the table.


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