Cattle and Crops

Cattle and Crops funded, ready to challenge farming simulators

A new German-developed sim got the favour of the audience and has already reached its first stretch goal.

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The name pretty much says it all: Cattle and Crops is the new farming simulation game developed by Masterbrain Bytes which, after a successful Kickstarter campaign (which will continue until the end of October), will launch on PC in 2017.

After reaching the €75,000 main goal and even the first stretch goal at €125,000 (which adds Danish, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages), the German studio plans on releasing Cattle and Crops in three phases throughout next year: Single Player Early Access (March), Multiplayer Early Access (July) and Final Version (Autumn).

The devs aim to create "the ultimate farming game" by putting special care on driving simulation, management, customization, animals or dynamic terrain systems. Here's first gameplay trailer for a quick look on Cattle and Crops' main features:

Cattle and Crops

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