Cave Story+

Cave Story+ is free next week on Epic Games Store

It coincides with the indie classics launch on the storefront.

PC gamers will not want to miss out, as the classic indie platformer Cave Story+ is available on the Epic Games Store for free starting next week. Cave Story+ will be free to download from December 3 to December 10, and this coincides with the title's launch on the storefront. We'd encourage you to pick it up if for some reason you have missed this absolute gem.

For those of you that are unaware, Cave Story is a pixelated platformer that launched on the PC back in 2004. It was created by one single developer and arrived several years before the indie game boom of the late 2000s. Cave Story+ is an enhanced version of the game that includes a remastered soundtrack and all the additional modes from the WiiWare version.

Don't forget too that Spintires' off-road simulator MudRunners is free to download on Epic Games Store until December 3.

Cave Story+

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