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Moving Out

Chaotic moving simulator Moving Out releases in Q2 2020

We have a free demo to try for 48 hours from today, giving us a taste of the full product coming next year.

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Team17, SMG Studio, and Devm Games have announced that Moving Out will be launching on consoles and PC in Q2 of next year, providing chaotic fun as you try to move furniture with up to four players.

On top of that, a demo of Moving Out is available from 18:00 GMT (19:00 CET) until the same time on Saturday, giving you 48 hours of access to the title and a taste of what's coming in 2020, so you can try four levels of the couch co-op mayhem for yourself.

Moving Out is going to be available digitally in all areas, but will also get a physical boxed edition on consoles, as confirmed by Team17.

Can you see yourself playing this with friends?

Moving OutMoving OutMoving Out

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