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A Fold Apart

Charming puzzle game A Fold Apart releases tomorrow

Lightning Rod Games' upcoming puzzle game A Fold Apart tells a story about the woes of being in a long-distance relationship.

Being in a long-distance is hard and sometimes - managing to communicate enough and in ways good enough to stay afloat and passionate with miles upon miles separating you from the person you care about. A Fold Apart is a puzzle game by Lightning Rod Games that tackles this complex topic of long-distance relationships and all that goes with it with the help of double-sided sides of sheets of paper, both of which house a singular person who wants desperately to reunite with the person on the other side.

Your goal is to help make this happen by folding, flipping and unfolding the duo's separate paper home in over fifty handcrafted puzzles. A Fold Apart releases tomorrow on April 17 for Apple Arcade, PC and Switch and you can check out the launch trailer below.

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A Fold Apart
A Fold ApartA Fold Apart

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