Lego Jurassic World

Charts: Lego Jurassic World bounces back to number one

A slow week in UK sales as the PS4 continues to dominate.

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Lego Jurassic World registered its second week at number one, six weeks after launching, as a slow week in UK video game sales was summed. Former number one Rory McIlroy PGA Tour fell to fourth, while Batman: Arkham Knight and Grand Theft Auto V climbed to complete the podium. This week a selection of PS4 titles - God of War III: Remastered, Bloodborne (24th) and The Order: 1886 (23rd) benefited from aggressive bundling and climbed the charts. Other games also benefitted from being bundled with PS4 (The Elder Scrolls Online, Battlefield: Hardline).

As August begins we'll begin to see some bigger releases, and thus movements in the chart. We wouldn't be at all surprised if Rare Replay manages to capture gold next week or at least capture a respectable position. As always you should keep in mind that these charts only reflects sales of physical games at retail, not digital sales.

Lego Jurassic World

All Formats (all prices):

1. Lego Jurassic World / Warner Bros.
2. Batman: Arkham Knight / Warner Bros.
3. Grand Theft Auto V / Rockstar
4. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour / EA Sports
5. FIFA 15 / EA Sports
6. The Elder Scrolls Online / Bethesda
7. Battlefield: Hardline / EA Games
8. F1 2015 / Codemasters
9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare / Activision
10. God of War III: Remastered / Sony
11. Minecraft: PlayStation Edition / Sony
12. Minecraft: Xbox Edition / Microsoft
13. WWE 2K15 / 2K Sports
14. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt / Bandai Namco
15. Destiny / Activision
16. Far Cry 4 / Ubisoft
17. Little Big Planet 3 / Sony
18. Terraria / 505 Games
19. Dying Light / Warner Bros.
20. Halo: The Master Chief Collection / Microsoft

Individual Formats (units):

1. Batman: Arkham Knight / PS4
2. God of War III: Remastered / PS4
3. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour / PS4
4. Lego Jurassic World / Xbox 360
5. F1 2015 / PS4
6. Grand Theft Auto V / PS4
7. The Elder Scrolls Online / Xbox One
8. The Elder Scrolls Online / PS4
9. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour / Xbox One
10. Batman: Arkham Knight / Xbox One

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