roddan1: Hello everybody!
sejefyr: Hey Bengt and Jonas, and rest of GR
roddan1: Nintendo should wait a year with a new console
roddan1: atlest 2-3 year
MagnusEngell: why so?
roddan1: Its just to early
sejefyr: yeah its too early
MagnusEngell: but again, it could be a year or more before it comes out?
Grundtvig2203: hello guys :)
roddan1: hello
sejefyr: Hey
roddan1: If Nintendo do a new console, i think it probobly a bit more powerful then Xone,Ps4. Not cray more powerfull
Lauritzen94: Hello GR folks
roddan1: hello Lauritzen94
sejefyr: Hey Lau
roddan1: poor Konami
Lauritzen94: Is Dori gonna play today?
roddan1: Think so
Lauritzen94: Cool
roddan1: around 17:00 maby
Claus: It's Sophia and Lee West today
Claus: playing
Claus: FF Type 0 and Bladestorm
Lauritzen94: Oh great
roddan1: Is Sophia the women from yesterday?
Claus: yes
roddan1: oki
Dóri Halldórsson: Test
sejefyr: just watch the video on their fb page ;)
Lauritzen94: Wuhu Battlefront!
roddan1: oooo yee Battlefron
Lauritzen94: This must not fail!
roddan1: agree ,this must be fun
Solfinn: yeah about that, what do you guys think about the FB videos?
sejefyr: think its a good idea, I like it
roddan1: Solfinn FB ?
Lauritzen94: Yeah I think its a pretty good idea, just to get some more attention
Lauritzen94: Not so sure about a Battlefront every second year though
Lauritzen94: Just make the first one an awesome game, then we wont need it every second year
roddan1: Battlfront will probably be significantly better than BF 4
Lauritzen94: Yeah I´ve never really been a battlefield guy, but mix it with star wars and...Tad da*
roddan1: yepp
over: yoyo
sejefyr: yo over
Lauritzen94: Hoho
Sophia Yhlen: hello:D
roddan1: hello
Lauritzen94: Hello
sejefyr: Hey Sophia
over: no friday nights ?
Sophia Yhlen: Hey everyone 'n
Indiankobran: Hey there.
Lauritzen94: In-in-Indiana!
roddan1: hi
over: most active has gone to a norwegian for the sewcond time ever :)
Indiankobran: Haha, about time a non swedish guy won :)
roddan1: What game announcements are you hoping when E3 kicks off?
over: indeed
Sophia Yhlen: We will be streming Final Fantasy type-0 and bladestorm soon ! So if any one of you guys know something about one of the games please let me know ;)
Lauritzen94: Yeah you swedes know how to win those competitions
over: well the swedish site is the most active so it not that strange
Sophia Yhlen: Streaming *
Indiankobran: Especially over and Nabik
Indiankobran: Nabil
Lauritzen94: Yeah maybe we should get us an over at the danish site, just to get things going
roddan1: Is this stream on avery GR site in EU?
over: everyone needs an over ^^
Lauritzen94: Or a Nabil if you wanna trade
roddan1: or just scandinavia
Indiankobran: Im pretty sure it is.
Lauritzen94: Yeah think so Roddan
roddan1: ok
Indiankobran: So no Cod today?
Lauritzen94: Nope doesnt seem so
over: ALAN WAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over: BEST GAME IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Indiankobran: That was a good game!
Indiankobran: I want it on PS4 though.
over: Me to
roddan1: Looks fun
over: but thats not gonna happen
Indiankobran: Nope. Sadly not.
roddan1: its not coming to Ps4?
over: nope, was made by ms
over: well funded by
roddan1: damn ms
Sophia Yhlen: Nope im sorry :( but we will take a look at bladestorm and final fantasy type-0 !
Lauritzen94: Thats sounds cool too, no worries
Indiankobran: All right. But that sounds good as well :)
Indiankobran: I want someone to announce Sly 5 soon!
Lauritzen94: I just want the new Battlefront now!
over: i want rockstar to announce rdr2
Lauritzen94: Well I kinda want that too
sejefyr: I want a release date for The Witness
roddan1: over you just said my thinking
roddan1: rdr2 is what i want to
Lauritzen94: I wonder if Rockstar has any plans regarding RD2
sejefyr: The Heist is out in GTA V, so now they have the time for it ;)
over: they do
Indiankobran: I want an open world Star Wars game where you could play as multiple "classes" and travel around to different planets.
Lauritzen94: Yeah they are awesome, just need the servers to be a bit more stable
roddan1: They probobly gonna make rd2.
over: rd2 ?
over: its rd3 or rdr2
roddan1: red dead redemtion 2
Indiankobran: Have you bought the PS4 version yet sejefyr?
sejefyr: no Indian, not sure if im gonna do it
roddan1: what game did you meen over ?
Lauritzen94: DO IT! DO IT!
Indiankobran: Mäki says "Yeah thats true" alot.
sejefyr: Got all the trophies for online on ps3, so I get them all again on ps4, but my friends I normally play with in GTA V is on ps3
Lauritzen94: Well who wouldnt - Its bengt we are dealing with here
Indiankobran: Haha yeah I guess.
Lauritzen94: It just takes so darn long to level up in gta online
Lauritzen94: Especially when you are only level 26, the road is long!
sejefyr: you only need around 1.6 mil xp for lvl 100 ;)
Indiankobran: Yeah, its crazy. There used to be a mission where you got RP and money really fast but Rockstar patched that.
Lauritzen94: Damn it, and Damn it what level are you sejefyr?
sejefyr: think im lvl 107
Lauritzen94: You are higher right Indiankobran?
Indiankobran: I think Im around 126 or so.
Lauritzen94: Yeah and Max is like 2-300 or so if I remember correctly
Lauritzen94: Witch is insane
Indiankobran: 314 last time I played with him.
Lauritzen94: Cray!
Indiankobran: Yeah, he has played that alot.
sejefyr: maybe the same time as Nick has played Destiny ;)
Lauritzen94: Yeah, a few hours has been put into that
Lauritzen94: "few"
Indiankobran: Yeah I could imagine it being close.
sejefyr: just reached 8.300 trophies :D
Indiankobran: Awesome, congratulations!
roddan1: you are crazy sejefyr :)
Lauritzen94: Wow, a few hours has gotten into that to
sejefyr: yeah its crazy, I dont want to track my hours in all those games xD
Indiankobran: What games do you guys will be free with PS+ bext month?
Lauritzen94: Haha, well as long as the journey there has been fun
roddan1: agree
Lauritzen94: hmm, hard to guess, hopefully something solid for the PS4, I feel we deserve that
Indiankobran: Agreed.
sejefyr: dont expect a lot for ps plus next month
Lauritzen94: Why have you got insider knowledge?
Indiankobran: No, I just came to think about it.
sejefyr: all the time
Indiankobran: Oh you asked sejefyr.
Lauritzen94: Lets see, maybe we will get bloodborne for free, Sony is going for an epic surprise
roddan1: mmm Bloodborn,me like
Indiankobran: Haha, that would make millions of people get PS+
over: i think we will get driveclub soon
Lauritzen94: Exactly, good marketing
over: or knack
Indiankobran: All right. I have to go now. See you later!
roddan1: bye
over: bye bye
sejefyr: Bye Indian
Lauritzen94: See ya Indiankobran
roddan1: Is the stream done or is Sofia late :P
Sophia Yhlen: Sofia is here
Sophia Yhlen: :P
roddan1: nice
sejefyr: Think its Lee we are missing ;)
roddan1: someone who played Final Fantasy: Type-0 ?
Sophia Yhlen: Nah
Sophia Yhlen: Lee typing. ;)
sejefyr: Lee finally back on stream :)
Lauritzen94: Gotta go see you later, have fun
sejefyr: Bye Lau
roddan1: bye
sejefyr: thank good you got a R in his name
Nick Lynn: someone plz shoot me -.-
roddan1: wanna see FF type o
roddan1: what was that
sejefyr: it looks a little weird this game
Bopela: looks really boring i have to say :p
over: looks live every other japanese game
roddan1: good point over
over: bad graphics and repetetive
roddan1: you are reading my mind over again :)
Bopela: im confused
Bopela: whats going on? :s
roddan1: Japan doesent like good graphic :)
sejefyr: Indian is not here now, so I gonna ask about it, how is the trophies? :)
roddan1: What is the next Final Fantasy game on the new consoles ?
over: have to go now
over: bye guys
roddan1: bye over
sejefyr: bye over
roddan1: Bloodborne looks great in the graphics
sejefyr: this is not the order 1886 with all those scenes
sejefyr: but typical japanese, a looooot of cutscenes
roddan1: yeep, and a big orchester
roddan1: Lee, Sophia, If you had to choose a favorite Final Fantasy game, what would it be?
roddan1: oki
roddan1: Final Fantasy VII ?
sejefyr: Any plans for the next week?
roddan1: Are you gonna stream Bloodborne ?
roddan1: nice
sejefyr: im gonna play borderlands 1 and 2 with my friends this weekend :) but looking forward to next week
sejefyr: I think both looks boring, but im not into final fantasy at all, and bladestorm I dont know what to say :)
roddan1: have a nice weekend
roddan1: see u next week
sejefyr: See you next week, and good weekend
roddan1: bye sejefyr
sejefyr: Bye roddan