Grundtvig2203: test
Kenneth Gant: hi
Grundtvig2203: It works !
Lootmolch: Finally! Hey Hey!
Lootmolch: please pick Kitana and Cassie Cage
Lootmolch: want to see a girl fight
over: twitch seams to have increased the amount of wievers
over: viewers*
over: 173 atm
Lauritzen94: Isnt Jason a dlc too?
Lootmolch: Is Mortal Kombat X similar to Injustice in terms of gameplay?
Lootmolch: I've never played any Mortal Kombat game, do you think that Mortal Kombat X is a good entry in the series to start with?
Lauritzen94: You should do a french special
Lootmolch: with German subtitles
Lootmolch: How long does it take to finish the singleplayer campaign in this game?
Lootmolch: Scarecrow!
Lootmolch: Definitely Scarecrow!
Shikyo: Hello!
Dóri Halldórsson: hey!
Shikyo: btw guys - have you send the grimoire card, that i won in the last Destiny stream?
Shikyo: Alright super :D no worries, just curios
Lootmolch: YEAH! Thanks a lot!
Lootmolch: Dóri, do you still have my address data or shall I send it to you again?
Dóri Halldórsson: I still have it
Lootmolch: Perfect! Thanks a lot again!
Lootmolch: Bye Bye
Dóri Halldórsson: bye