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Check out Dirt 5's surprise Create mode Playgrounds

Here's a couple of attempts at community-created challenges and some time with the event editor.

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Codemasters has just introduced Playgrounds as the last card up Dirt 5's sleeve before it releases in October. Playgrounds is a brand-new creative mode that may look familiar to racing lovers close to Trackmania, as it includes both a Discover section and a Create tool for the community to share creations and challenge others. Of course, contrary to Nadeo's proposal, this is more based on reality, with spectacular but credible elements and rally-like physics.

To get a much better idea of how Playgrounds work, take a look at our three exclusive gameplay videos below, which include our attempts at the "Speedhelix" and "The Jump" challenges by Dan Oppenheim, and then a couple of minutes of us fiddling with the map editor:

What type of rally-ish challenge would you like to create with Dirt 5's Playgrounds? Leave a comment below.

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