Do Not Feed the Monkeys

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Join the surveillance crew in Fictionrama's upcoming game.

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Voyeurism has proven to be an interesting theme in modern pop culture, and this is what Spanish developer Fictiorama Studios is building their upcoming Do Not Feed the Monkeys on.

In the game you take on the role as a new member of The Primate Observation Club, an organisation surveilling normal people with everyday struggles. Your job description says you're not to meddle, but of course you'll want to, and either way, your actions will have consequences, similar to how the gameplay works in games like Papers, Please for example.

At your disposal you'll have surveillance cameras, social media, web cams, along with other tools to let you get to know the "monkeys".

The game will be out on PC this autumn, and you can find out more about Do Not Feed the Monkeys on the studio's official website, but we urge you to check out the first trailer and screenshots before you go.

Will you be watching and waiting, or interfering in the lives you see?

Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Do Not Feed the MonkeysDo Not Feed the Monkeys
Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Do Not Feed the MonkeysDo Not Feed the Monkeys

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