Arena of Valor

Check out our exclusive demo of Arena of Valor on Switch

See how the new version improves pretty much everything compared to the original mobile MOBA.

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At Gamescom last week we sat down with project manager Edward Gan at Tencent's booth to take an in-depth look at the brand-new Nintendo Switch version of the popular Arena of Valor, a MOBA that originally released as a mobile game but that is turning out to be quite different and improved on the hybrid system.

As he was playing the fearsome Maloch and after telling us about classes and heroes, Gan talked us through all of the changes and new features concerning the Switch release, including optimisation for the new hardware, additional graphics, and even the completely remade aspects. Specifically, he reveals Arena of Valor on the Switch is currently running at "about 45 fps", 1080p/720p resolutions in TV and handheld mode respectively. Framerate went up from 30 fps in earlier versions and might go higher in the future.

The goal with this version is also to lower the threshold for MOBA newcomers while keeping all of the features. The game is more accessible with an optional auto-purchase function, and now it allows players to use joystick direct control for the characters (along with some touchscreen actions).

Arena of Valor releases in September on the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play game, with items bought with real money limited to cosmetic skins.

And if you want to watch the clean direct-feed gameplay cut with music and SFX, here you go:

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