Raji: An Ancient Epic

Check out our Raji gameplay from Gamescom

We played the epic title set in Ancient India, seeing what Nodding Heads Games is preparing for us.

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Earlier this year we got a quick look at gameplay from Raji: An Ancient Epic, but at Gamescom we got another insight into Nodding Head Games' title, including the combat against the various enemies in the game.

The video below is also useful to check out the visual style, enemies, environments, and music of Raji, which is befitting of the setting of Ancient India. As we can see on the game's official site, here is the description provided for Raji:

"While the demons have challenged the very gods who put them in despair, they plan to avenge their embarrassing defeat, thousands of years ago in the last great war. During the thousand years of peace, the human race became content, falling into a false sense of security. Not only were they ill-prepared for an invasion, but they had forgotten the ways of alchemy. The situation threatens their very essence, leaving the humans to the mercy of demons."

"Amidst the chaotic invasion where cities and forts fell, Raji was chosen by the gods as the sole defender of the human race. Blessed by various gods who still stand compassionate to humanity, she wields weapons and powers of the gods that have yet to awaken from within."

Do you like what you see of Raji?

Raji: An Ancient Epic

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