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AEW Wrestling 2021

Check out the first footage from AEW Wrestling

The game is being developed by Yuke's.

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As the WWE games have really struggled with quality during the last couple of years, wrestling fans have started looking for alternatives. One of the most promising upcoming titles is AEW Wrestling, developed by Yuke's, which essentially was a WWE factory for two decades.

They did some really bad installations, but also some really great ones and they have previously explained that focus is once again on gameplay rather than strict simulation. Now they have revealed a short video with some rough code, that is the first footage from the game - and we have to say it looks really promising.

Check it out over here to see when Darby Allin treats a green dummy really violently in the best possible way while being narrated by AEW wrestler Kenny Omega. It's clearly unfinished, but already looks well animated and smooth. Hopefully we're in for a wrestling fest when this one launches, which should be at least a year away.

AEW Wrestling 2021

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