Mafia: Definitive Edition

Check out the new story trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition

If you're eager to know more about the remake of the gangster-filled original, step right this way.

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One game that we got to see a little bit more of this evening was Mafia: Definitive Edition and a new story trailer has landed for the remade gangster epic from Hangar 13 and 2K Games. Thanks to the 'New Beginnings' story trailer that you can watch in full below, we get some idea of what the game is going to look like when it lands at the end of August. As you can see, the visual upgrade is going to be substantial.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is part of the Mafia Trilogy, which is being re-released over the course of this year. As part of the package, we've just got a remastered version of the second game, and you'd like to know more about that, you'll find our review right here.


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