Lost Soul Aside

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One man project using Unreal Engine, inspired by Final Fantasy XV.

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Lost Soul Aside is being developed by a single guy, which is kind of hard to fathom. And you'd be excused for thinking it looks a little like Final Fantasy XV, because that's the game that was the primary source of inspiration for developer Bing Yang.

We think it looks like a mix of the aesthetics of Final Fantasy XV and the gameplay of action titles like Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry. The developer has said that he used the aforementioned Square Enix game as a base model for the game, but that he hopes to make it more unique as development progresses.

Lost Soul Aside is being made with Unreal Engine and a lot of the assets have been bought from its marketplace. No window of release has been given and neither has there been any mention of target platforms.

If this ends up being released or not, we can only speculate on for now. But there is certainly some promise...

Lost Soul Aside

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