Cheeky Winston exploit used in professional Overwatch match

Some serious monkey business going on.

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To everyone else, Winston appeared to be hanging from the side of the roof on Volskaya Industries, just chilling out. In reality, LuxuryWatch Blue tank player Song "janus" Jun-hwa was using a recently discovered exploit to wait for CONBOX Spirit's players to cross the first choke point.

In the Twitch video you can see he suspends himself in mid-air by using Winston's Jump Pack ability, and landing on the slanted roof means he can slightly adjust himself and keep himself from sliding off. As soon as he spots the enemy Zenyatta pass beneath the archway, he slides down, hits the ground which triggers 50 damage, then melees Zenyatta for another 30. As the Jump Pack cooldown starts from when you leave the ground rather than when you finish the ability, his cooldown period is already over so he can use it again and deal another 50 damage. One more melee means 160 damage overall, and a very smart kill on Zenyatta. LW Blue went on to beat CONBOX Spirit 3-1 overall in their group stage match.

Should these sorts of exploits be allowed in competitive play? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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