Chengdu Hunters player has his visa application rejected

YangXiaoLong hasn't got a visa ahead of the start of Season 2 in mere weeks, and the expansion team are one player down.

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Zhang 'YangXiaoLong' Zhihao of the Chengdu Hunters Overwatch League team has had his visa application declined. The Chinese organisation has taken to Twitter to inform all their fans of the situation and has stated that they are currently "working with an immigration lawyer to resolve the issue", according to a translation by OW Beacon.

YangXiaoLong is one of the Chengdu Hunters' two traditional DPS hitscan players and one of the three overall DPS players on the team. This will most likely put much more pressure on the remaining two DPS players, Yi 'JinMu' Hu and Lo 'BaconJack' Tzu-Heng.

With this news coming three weeks before the start of the 2019 season, the expansion team for Season 2 will likely be under much more stress than other teams to perform, especially considering they are a new franchise to the league.

Hopefully we will see more information coming as to why the visa application has been declined over the coming weeks, and see the issue resolved too.

How do you feel about this situation?

Photo: Chengdu Hunters

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