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Grand Theft Auto V

Child was told to drive in real life to spend less time in GTA V

UK police apprehended an 11-year-old child driving a car and found out the reason for his antics was a family member's skewed prioritisation.

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The Lancashire traffic police reported some truly baffling, almost imaginable news just recently. Through Twitter, in fact, law enforcement officers reported that they have stopped an 11-year-old boy in a parking lot, while he was driving a car. To make the news even more absurd, the reason why the kid was behind the wheel shocked police; one member of his family, tired of seeing him spending too much time playing Grand Theft Auto V, decided to make him do a test drive on the road in the real world.

Here's what the police wrote in the tweet: "The driver of this car was 11 years old... (yes, eleven!) A family member was fed up with the child playing Grand Theft Auto all day on the Playstation, so brought him out to practice driving on a car park Blackpool... The adult has been reported for traffic offences".

Grand Theft Auto V

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