Chinese Overwatch World Cup team hit with visa issues

Team substitutes have had to step in to replace the affected players.

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A post on Chinese site Weibo confirmed that over half of the Chinese Overwatch team won't be able to make the trip to Blizzcon as the original roster, who performed exceptionally well in the Shanghai Qualifier, has been hit with visa issues, leaving only two of the original roster on the team.

Only players Huang 'leave' Xin and He 'zhufanjun' Junjian remain on the team, whereas the other four slots will be filled by substitutes. Many fans have clearly been disappointed by this, with one fan gaining some attention with an open letter they wrote to Blizzard. In this letter, they touched on how this isn't a new problem, asking "Why did the same issue happen over and over again?"

Whilst the team will still be able to play, it's a shame we won't get to see the roster that didn't drop a game in the Shanghai Qualifier play. Do you think something needs to be done?


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