NBA 2K19

Chiquita Evans becomes first woman drafted in NBA 2K League

Warriors Gaming picked her up in the draft ahead of the competition starting on April 2 with The Tipoff.

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The NBA 2K League is set for a return after a successful 2018, and while the draft is going on history has been made, as the official Twitter account for the competition has revealed that the first woman has been drafted into the league - Chiquita Evans.

Evans was drafted by Warriors Gaming, and if you want to see her in action a following tweet showed how well she played in a showcase last July.

"We gotta make a name for ourselves. We're out here, a lot of us. We're really just trying to get the respect we deserve, and we're coming for 2K19," she said.

The league will return on April 2 with The Tipoff tournament, and for the full schedule take a look this way.

Can Evans inspire more women to compete?

NBA 2K19
Photo: NBA 2K League

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