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Chronicle: Runescape Legends

Chronicle: Runescape Legends out now on Steam

Play the Runescape card battler now for free.

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After being in beta for the last six months, Chronicle: Runescape Legends, Jagex's card battler based on their popular MMO Runescape, has now been released on Steam.

The game follows the now familiar free-to-play model, allowing you to buy packs for real money and with currency earned through normal play. There are also cosmetic items, like card backs, available to purchase.

The game features a unique way to play, where you must fight monsters that you place yourself on the board from your deck. There are five different heroes, called Legends, to choose from, and in the next few months, a new Legend will be introduced named Morvran. The game has over 400 cards and multiple modes, including both a casual and ranked season mode, meaning you can play the game as competitively as you like.

The game is available to download through Steam, and there are plans to bring the game to mobile devices eventually. You can check out Chronicle's launch trailer below.

Chronicle: Runescape LegendsChronicle: Runescape LegendsChronicle: Runescape Legends

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