Chucklefish release trailer for Starmancer on PC at E3 2019

This space simulator is coming soon, with beta sign-ups available now.

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Starmancer is an upcoming space sim brought to us by Chucklefish and developed by Ominux Games. Announced way back in 2017, this title will task you with building a space station capable of sustaining human life.

As a large sandbox experience, Starmancer sounds ambitious. Crafting, community management and real consequences alter the field of play, and you must use all resources available to efficiently manage your new colony.

The trailer itself showed off battle scenes, station living quarters and a planetary map, which you must keep track of to effectively build a community. Trade guilds were shown out in the solar system, so it's not just enemies you can encounter in the wild.

Beta Access is available now, but requires a pre-order through a project backer site. More on that here.

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