Circuit Superstars

Circuit Superstars is "an ode to motorsport"

We caught up with the siblings behind the game at Gamescom, who are making a top-down racer with a competitive edge.

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Original Fire Games and Square Enix Collective revealed Circuit Superstars earlier this year, and at Gamescom in Cologne we spoke with producer Ornella Caroline Mastretta Aguilera and her siblings Carlos and Alberto about the game they're building, which comes from their own lives and passions.

"Circuit Superstars is a top-down racing game. We're building it for PC and all consoles," she told us. "And it's a top-down racing game that we're really focusing on building as a competitive experience. So players will be able to play single-player and online against 12 other players who are either AI drivers or other players, and what we want to build is an ode to motorsport."

"We grew up in racetracks, racing, and our dad built cars - we're all siblings - and then we also grew up playing video games, so this is really the conversion of two things that strongly contributed to building who we are as people."

You can find some gameplay as well as the full interview below, delving into what makes Circuit Superstars unique. Are you a fan of top-down racers?

Circuit Superstars

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