City of Heroes

City of Heroes goes animal

Superhero lychantropy? Check!

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Paragon Studios are getting ready to release a new update for their superhero MMO City of Heroes. The game has always had an impressive character creator (a tradition which the original developers brought with them to Champions Online and Star Trek Online when they split with NCsoft), and in the new pack they are adding 60 new costume pieces to it.

City of Heroes
Does it get more epic than this? I think not.

The update is called City of Heroes Animal Pack, and as the name implies it focuses on the animal kingdom. It will allow you to create your own animal superheroes (our Danish edition suggests Wolfman, Minotaurman, Kittywoman or Birdman) and it will also come with new emotes, new auras and a brand new travel power to complete the package.

City of Heroes Animal Pack is scheduled to be released on February 23.

City of HeroesCity of Heroes
City of Heroes
City of Heroes
City of Heroes
City of Heroes
City of Heroes

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