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Civilization VI details Ottomans coming with Gathering Storm

Suleiman the Magnificent is bringing his own unique abilities and units ahead of the expansion's release in less than a month.

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The Gathering Storm expansion for Civilization VI is gaining momentum ahead of its upcoming release on February 14, and among the new factions already added we can now find the Ottomans. Apparently this has been widely requested by fans, and Suleiman the Magnificent is the leader in charge of marching into the game.

The unique ability of Grand Vizier unlocks a Governor Ibrahim available only to this leader, who has his own unique promotion tree and is the only Governor you can establish in another Civilization. You can also get the Grand Bazaar unique building, which replaces the Bank in the commercial hub and adds extra amenities and strategic resources available in the city.

As for the unique units, the Janissary is the first of these, which replaces the Musketman while being stronger and cheaper. The only catch is that they use a population point in the city where they're trained (unless it's a conquered one), although it might be worth it considering they start with a free promotion.

The other unique unit is all about seafaring, as the Barbary Corsair is a naval raider ship that replaces the Privateer but it available earlier in your campaign. Coastal raids don't incur a movement cost either.

Lastly we have the Ottoman unique ability of Great Turkish Bombard, which means siege units are not only produced faster but receive boosts to combat strength as well. What's more is that conquered cities don't lose population either, and enjoy Amenity and Loyalty bonuses under Ottoman control.

We've already heard about other leaders coming with Gathering Storm such as Sweden's Kristina, who excels at Culture and Diplomacy, but Suleiman's Ottoman's offers a slightly different approach to playing the game.

Will the Ottomans suit your style of play?

Civilization VI
Civilization VI
Civilization VI
Civilization VI
Civilization VI
Civilization VI

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