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Civilization VI

Civilization VI is getting a big community update next week

There's an update to the Red Death multiplayer mode, plus a bunch of balance tweaks.

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The good folks over at Firaxis are continuing to support Civilization VI with post-launch content, and the next update of substance is a free community update that's landing for the game in support of the New Frontier season pass.

The New Frontier Pass will continue to roll out over the coming months (it's scheduled to conclude in March 2021) with new civs and scenarios being added to the already expansive 4X strategy game. The first paid content drop launched late last month with the addition of Maya and Gran Columbia.

Following on from that and ahead of July's paid-for expansion (which is based around Ethiopia and will include one new civ, one new district, and two new buildings), we're getting a community update on June 25 that will bring a second season of the Red Death multiplayer mode on PC - now with added Sean Bean.

On top of that, the devs have polished out a number of rough edges and exploits, so if you've been finding loopholes when pursuing diplomatic victories, for example, you may find your options somewhat reduced in that area. Check out the charming community update trailer below for more on the changes.


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