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Song of Horror

Classic survival Song of Horror will finally be complete in May

The slight delay comes with a meaty update to Episode 4 and a teaser of what's to come for the game's finale.

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Song of Horror caught the attention of several members of the Gamereactor team since it started its episodic release last Halloween, as you can tell by the many, scary gameplay clips we've captured so far. Now we were biting our nails as its fifth and final episode was to release in March, but it turns out the team at the Madrid-based Protocol Games needed a few more weeks to polish the grand finale.

As such, and as just made official by publisher Raiser Games that Episode 5: The Horror and the Song will release on May 14, 2020. However, before that and to compensate existing players waiting for the end, Song of Horror will get "the biggest update to date".

The final episode is set to put the last pieces of the game's story into place, answering remaining questions and dealing with both surviving and lost characters. Telling more would be stepping into spoiler territory, but think that 'The Presence', the horror that's been haunting players so far, will then be unleashed. If you want more teasing, we dare you to zoom in on the brand-new screens below.

Regarding the chunky update, Episode 4 will get it starting tomorrow (February 28), and it includes several changes and tweaks, along with even more showings of 'The Presence' (with "more than 20 unique manifestations").

Song of Horror is available on Steam for PC. Each episode costs £6.99 / €7.99, with the full game available at a single price of £18.99 / €21,99. Potential release on consoles seems likely further down the line.

Song of Horror
Song of HorrorSong of Horror
Song of HorrorSong of HorrorSong of Horror

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