Cloud9 and Fnatic drop out of Overwatch's Winter Premiere

But that doesn't mean it won't throw up some excitement.

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Overwatch's Winter Premiere has just started, however, two top teams have pulled out of the competition, those being Cloud9 and Fnatic, neither of which provided a statement as to their reasons behind the departures.

The teams replacing them are FaZe Clan, who had the most points out of those who failed to qualify, and Citizen7. The latter will face Luminosity first, while FaZe will take on Kingdom Esports. At the end of this round robin, the bottom two will be eliminated, then a six team round robin will take place.

All eyes are on Kungarna, however, as the relative newbies will no doubt be looking to make an impression, with their first match being against CompLexity Gaming. Who do you think will win the Winter Premiere?

Photo: Blizzard

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