Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Cloud9 will be keeping Styko in their team for a bit longer

Including the Faceit Major.

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Esports organisation Cloud9 has revealed that they'll be keeping their loan CS:GO player Martin 'Styko' Styk for a bit longer, with the loan extending through September and covering the Faceit Major competition in London.

Styko came on loan from Mousesports earlier this year, and coach Soham 'Valens' Chowdhury had this to say on the extension:

"I am extremely excited to continue working with Martin. It has been clear from day one that he deserves to be competing at the highest levels, and he has an incredible mindset for a team game. All of us are looking forward to showing off a revitalized Cloud9 at the major, and we expect Martin to be a huge part of it."

Has Styko been a good addition to the team?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Cloud9

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