Cloud9's Overwatch team bolstered by Selly and Xepher

Bishop has also come in as a head coach.

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Cloud9 has announced that Jaemo "Xepher" Koo and Jeonghwan "Selly" An have joined their Overwatch team, pushing Ruben "ryb" Ljungdahl and Lucas "Mendokusaii" Håkansson to the bench.

These two new acquisitions will join the existing roster of Lane "Surefour" Roberts, Adam "Adam" Eckel, Randal "Roolf" Stark, and Daniel "Gods" Graeser, the latter of which will transition to full-time tank, whereas Xepher will come in as a flex for the team, and Selly will be a DPS.

"As one of the first Koreans to join the North American Overwatch scene, I hope to leave a good impression for old and new fans, said Xepher.

"It is an honour for me to join Cloud9. I am extremely excited to be joining a team full of skilled players and I will do everything it takes to bring the team to victory," added Selly.

Cloud9 have also brought in Beoum Jun "Bishop" Lee as the head coach, another Korean who impressed with his trial run in Korea. "I have always been impressed with the Korean esports scene and infrastructure. It was only natural that after Cloud9 attended OGN's APEX Season 2, that we look into top Korean talent. Luckily we found Xepher and Selly, who have great potential and I look forward to helping them make the transition to competing in North America," commented Bishop.

These new acquisitions will be in action on April 22 in Rivalcade's Overwatch Rumble. Do you think they'll make for great signings?

Photo: Blizzard

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